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What's changed?

Strict regulations for sustainability reporting as of 2024

Starting in 2024, many companies within the European Union will face new legal requirements for sustainability reporting. The EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which came into force on 5 January 2023, significantly changed the scope and nature of sustainability reporting. For the first time, affected companies will have to report on the entire value chain.


The aim of the new EU directive is to establish binding reporting standards at EU level and enhance the responsibility of EU companies in terms of climate action and sustainability. 

Does your company fulfil the requirements of the sustainability reporting obligation?

The new EU directive has impacted companies reporting under the NFRD (Non-Financial Reporting Directive) since 2014, but medium-sized companies and even third-country companies listed and operating on EU-regulated markets are affected. It is estimated that the CSRD affects around 50,000 companies across the EU. Implementing these requirements can be a real challenge for many. Our aim is to help you meet these new standards.


Is your company affected by the new Environmental Directive?

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Our strategy

How can we help your company implement CSRD?

  • We balance your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, covering Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions according to the international GHG Protocol 
  • We collaborate with you to develop a materiality assessment suitable for CSRD 
  • Together, we develop a climate action strategy for your company, identifying reduction potentials and defining reduction targets 
  • We develop a roadmap to reduce your GHG emissions, guided by the Science-Based Targets initiative (STBi) 
  • We offer high-quality GHG removal projects to offset currently unavoidable GHG emissions 
  • We develop risk scenarios resulting from climate change for your company 
  • We analyze biodiversity topics in the supply chain with you, seeking for solutions to improve the biodiversity footprint 

Your benefits at a glance:

  1. Benefit from our extensive expertise and experience in sustainability consulting and the auditing of sustainability reports 
  2. In a workshop, understand the requirements of the CSRD and especially of the ESRS-E1 reporting standard, setting the course for practical implementation 
  3. Receive customized solutions tailored to your company's needs and requirements
  4. Enjoy the freedom of our modular project approach, choosing services that align with your sustainability goals from various modules
  5. Be well prepared to meet the requirements of the ESRS-E1 standard
  6. Have a clear and detailed work plan with a precise list of priorities
  7. Get fit for the transition to CSRD-compliant sustainability reporting 
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