Measure your carbon footprint

How we measure your carbon footprint

FORLIANCE calculates corporate carbon footprints according to the internationally recognized standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. We follow the principles of relevance, completeness, consistency, transparency, accuracy, and we ensure validity and comparability.

Depending on your needs and future climate engagement plans, we start by setting the organizational and operational boundaries. We define the emission categories to be calculated in your carbon footprint: from direct emissions (e.g. caused by burning fuels) to indirect emissions (e.g. caused by business trips). Following this, we collect the necessary data, perform the emissions calculation, and analyze the results. Plus, we prepare the results for internal and external reporting. These tangible data allow you to engage with stakeholders – employees, customers, investors, suppliers, (regulation) authorities, etc. – to improve transparency, disclosure and dedication in climate action.

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Appropriate measures to reduce emissions

The next step after determining your carbon footprint: We help you to identify the main emission sources, so-called emission hotspots. The subsequent calculation of emission scenarios outlines appropriate measures to reduce GHG emissions. You can offset emissions that cannot be avoided by using our certified, high-quality offsetting projects.

Watch your carbon footprint become smaller, step by step.

Position yourself in a market environment that is gradually transforming into a low-carbon economy. Your carbon footprint lays the foundation for moving towards net-zero emissions.

A comprehensive carbon footprint provides a solid base for informed decision-making, necessary climate protection activities – and frequently influences future investments. It can open up innovative paths and new business ideas, always a step ahead of other players on the market. Footprint calculation also allows you to compare your company’s sustainability performance with others in your industry.

A footprint helps avoiding emissions by unveiling previously unseen emission reduction possibilities! The energy and resource consumption rate can thus be reduced effectively and hidden potentials be detected. It’s a win-win situation: lower emissions and lower costs.

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Carbon footprinting: Be one step ahead with FORLIANCE

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