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Expertise in policy analysis

FORLIANCE has extensive experience in analyzing international and domestic climate policies. We advise our clients regarding current and upcoming regulations on carbon pricing mechanisms – whether it be regulated or voluntary carbon markets, carbon tax schemes or hybrid policy instruments.

Countries and regions have and will establish various instruments to put a price on carbon. This is mostly done via tax schemes, emissions trading, and offsetting options.

Benefit from our advisory services

We are continuously growing our knowledge in this policy arena to provide our clients with comprehensive advisory services. We advise on existing and new carbon market mechanisms, international accounting for greenhouse gas emissions, as well as environmental and carbon market standards.

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Our strategy

Help clients understand market mechanisms

Learn about policies and market circumstances

Understanding the framework conditions allows a company to be well prepared for the future.

In this regard, we help our clients to understand the complexity of market mechanisms and non-market approaches, and to design effective climate action strategies given specific national and international policy settings. Furthermore, we advise companies on how carbon pricing instruments affect their business and markets.

You want to understand the effects of climate policies on your company? Feel free to contact us.

Keep up to date with policy developments

Businesses may be exposed to uncertainty in the face of new regulatory frameworks. We at FORLIANCE work to wipe out these uncertainties and thus ensure adequate information for our customers.

Benefiting from our insights, your business will not only meet requirements, but continuously improve its own climate performance and secure competitive advantages through early action.

Benefit from our insights

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