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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

FORLIANCE helps you reduce your emissions. We provide a hotspot analysis and address the following questions: What are the main sources of emissions? What is their share in the overall footprint? How can you avoid or lower them?

The next step: We investigate scenarios based on identified emission hotspots. These scenarios provide further insight on how to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint. In general, we ask: How can a company integrate measures to reach its (science-based) climate target?

The long-term pathway: We monitor the measures taken with regards to their impact and suggest appropriate adjustments whenever necessary. Keeping in mind changing sustainability and environmental protection legislation, we draw up necessary and suitable actions for your organization to be always up to date.

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Emission reduction roadmaps

Emission reduction: Take pride in your progress

FORLIANCE’s emission reduction roadmaps form the strategic foundation to sustainably lower your climate impact. Engaging in this is a concrete and reliable contribution based on actual, calculable emissions. Our greenhouse gas emission reduction approaches allow you to clearly and concisely communicate your climate impact and climate action.

The good news: Cutting emissions is noticeable. An updated carbon footprint assessment in the following fiscal year can already show your organization’s progress in reducing emissions – an important message to internal and external stakeholders, highlighting that your company is working to achieve its climate action goals.

Science-based and focused on cooperation: Work with FORLIANCE

A climate action plan requires dedication, a clear focus on facts, the identification of potential areas of improvement, and consistent implementation. FORLIANCE will accompany you throughout every single step of this process.


Choosing FORLIANCE, you can be assured:

Objectives are reasonably formulated, and our experts guide you through all steps necessary to effectively reach your organization’s climate targets.

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