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Provide an appealing visualization

Visible and appealing communication

FORLIANCE offers you a set of materials and methods for internal and external communication. These include “classic” media like factsheets or videos about your specific project.

Moreover, we design (interactive) story maps that summarize the most important facts and provide an appealing visualization. Find an example here.

Our carbon calculators and climate platform constitute an option for internal communication, making the results of your climate actions more transparent. This way, your project managers, employees or partners gain insights and are kept informed.

More transparent climate action results

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Honest and fact-based communication

Communicating = Increasing trust

Honest and fact-based communication leads to transparency. Growing transparency means growing trust: This will positively influence your image with stakeholders, authorities, and media. Don’t be afraid to talk about the challenges you face and goals you’re still pursuing. It is all part of the journey.

Make use of FORLIANCE’s communication services to position your company as a responsible player in the market, and spread the word within your own organization!

Trust our experience

FORLIANCE is an expert in land use projects and climate action. We provide communication services derived from our project management work such as forest management, technical advice, earth observation, geodigital solutions, and certification assistance. We are often involved in projects from the very start and therefore know them inside out.

We can offer high-quality data regarding all relevant aspects of project design, management and impacts (climate, biodiversity, social impacts) that help you, your team, partner, investors, shareholder and stakeholders to better understand nature-based climate solutions as well as your environmental actions.

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