Digitalize and automatize earth observation

FORLIANCE offers custom-made solutions

The aim of our geo-digital solutions is to digitalize and automatize the earth observation services we provide: We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop algorithms that process and analyze the acquired data. The results can be stored in a cloud or at centralized servers. In this way, you always have direct and secure access to a clear and graphic set of information to use as decision-making aid.

Our experts offer support on the design and implementation of geo-digital solutions which can provide comprehensive information for both field and desk users. In other words: You may be at a plantation site, feeding new data into the app. Or you are in an office at the other end of the world, checking information in order to reach business and investment decisions. Your figures are always available, and monitoring data can be updated regularly – be it in the form of field data or as information from remote sensing.

The application of our digital services ranges from monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) via carbon stock change calculations to socioeconomic impact assessments – and of course many more – for companies, international organizations and government agencies.

Customized solutions

Our solutions can be customized depending on your needs. Let's discuss your organization’s specific circumstances.

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A standardized process for data collection

The advantages of geo-digital platforms and apps

Most importantly, FORLIANCE’s geo-digital solutions offer you more control: Instead of a range of notes, reports or datasheets, we provide a standardized process to collect and analyze data in one place. Use FORLIANCE’s tools and services to estimate a project’s greenhouse gas emission reductions or other key performance indicators.

Thanks to a user-friendly interface, data is easily visualized and accessible also to non-experts. Moreover, information is decentralized. You will no longer have to access a folder or a logfile in the office. Rather, data on our platforms is available wherever you are and whenever you need it. Of course, we pay highest attention to keeping your information secure.

Finally, this direct availability of data also enables different people at your organization to access information and use it to improve their work simultaneously. This will lead to better management, reduced costs and increased production.

Make FORLIANCE your partner for geo-digital solutions

FORLIANCE offers you a tailor-made solution package, fully in line with your ideas, wishes and needs. Our top-notch geo-digital solutions are user-friendly and easily accessible. This leads to new opportunities to make your business even better.

Our claim is the best customer orientation possible. The goal is to offer you and your company a better overview and more insight for improved decision-making.

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