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Studies to explore opportunities

Financial risk and feasibility: Gaining knowledge

We at FORLIANCE cater to three sets of stakeholders:

1. Investors looking for opportunities in agroforestry projects

Deciding if to invest or not to invest in a forestry or agroforestry project requires knowledge. Overall, our studies aim at exploring opportunities, impacts and risks of an investment. We offer clients support from pre-feasibility studies to full due diligence covering amongst others, assessments of environmental and climate risks, yield analyses, market potential, legal analyses, financial requirements and costs, ESG performance, and the development or assessment of business plans. Depending on the specific objective, these studies can be conducted by desk review (under involvement of our geodigital solutions team), interviews with local and international experts, collaboration with local service providers and field observations.

Thereby, we are glad to use the risk assessment tools requested by our clients or our own approach.

FORLIANCE also offers matchmaking between land use projects and investors.

2. Project developers looking for investors.

Those matchmaking services can also be particularly important for project developers and/or local businesses looking for investors to expand or safeguard their existing projects.

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3. Public entities looking for funding and financial mechanisms.

This includes players like local, national or even international authorities looking to attract funding or to develop financial mechanisms to conserve their forests or other natural areas. The latter may for instance include carbon forestry and REDD-projects or the development of alternative value chains or income streams.

In an in-depth analysis, we assess the local economic, social and environmental conditions and consult the stakeholders involved. Following national and international best practice mechanisms, we develop an adjusted financial mechanism for you. All in accordance with national and international laws and regulations, of course.


Local knowledge and field experience

Secured financing: The groundwork for your project design

The aim of risk analyses and the development of investment strategies is to provide a basis regarding the financial “if” and “how” of a climate-smart and site-adapted project.

Expertise in a range of fields gives you as an investor enough information to decide on actual business and implementation plans – or maybe change existing ones. As a public entity, sufficient and reliable information on potential financial mechanisms enables you to successfully pursue your projects towards sustainable climate/environmental protection.

Given the complexity in land-use projects, you will need a dedicated expert team laying the groundwork for your decisions and future actions.

Trust our experience: FORLIANCE

FORLIANCE has broad experience in providing recommendations to investors and institutional actors. We bring together best practices with local knowledge, and field experience with scientific findings.

Besides, we are ourselves project developers and thus well aware of risks and potential pitfalls. We know: A sophisticated strategy, based on well-founded information, increases both the longevity and success of a project.

There are many good providers of risk analysis. However, we are specialized in land use projects. Hardly anyone knows this field as well as we do. In addition, we have broad expertise in international climate policy and are always in close contact with relevant actors and stakeholders in these fields.

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