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The Jari Amapá REDD+ Project is located in the Valley of Jari, in the state of Amapá. The Valley of Jari enacts a very important role as home for local communities, and as an ecological corridor connecting several Conservation Units. With a very rich biodiversity, its vegetation includes species of extreme ecological and social importance as a source of income and food. Despite the social and environmental importance of the Valley of Jari, this region is threatened by agriculture, cattle activities, human settlements as well as large infrastructure work.

By protecting the forest cover the project helps to preserve the diversified fauna. It is also a key factor for the conservation and maintenance of water resources. Through capacity building and training interventions on farming production, management of forest resources, manufacturing and commercialization an increase in household income generation is expected.

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Social cohesion

Local families directly involved in the project

Providing habitat

Protecting one of the world biodiversity hotspots

Tropical rainforest preservation

Protecting 65,980 ha of tropical forest

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