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XiCO2e: Mexican Peninsula Forest Project

About this project

The XiCO2e: Mexican Peninsula Forest project, located on the Yucatán Peninsula, aims to promote the sustainable management of tropical forests while improving ejidos‘ livelihoods and enhancing carbon sequestration. The Yucatán Peninsula contains Mexico‘s largest remaining strip of tropical rainforest, which faces constant land-use change pressures mainly due to agriculture and infrastructure expansion. Spanning over 72,460 hectares, this project site holds immense environmental significance, vital in preserving and rejuvenating the rich forest ecosystem while effectively mitigating damage from disturbance

Through community forest management, ejidos ensure responsible forest management in a region where forests have been historically susceptible to illegal and unregulated logging. The project provides regular training for local communities in the sustainable management of natural resources, improving the efficiency of forest protection, production and productivity. Accordingly, more efficient forest management is guaranteed and opportunities for sustainable income generation are expanded.

Project Type

IFM – Extension of Rotation Age

General Project Information

Team meeting

Our Work on Site

Our Contributions

Integrated capacity building

Increased employment opportunities, wealth creation and environmental education programmes for locals

Fire management

Fire management and forest patrols resulting in prevention of fires and a return of wildlife to the area, supported by neighboring local communities

Protection for flora and fauna

Creation of shelter for migratory birds and native species, especially those under threat

With this project,


Project Developers

Ala Bool Trust SA de CV, Ejidos

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