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Facilitation of certification

Carbon and sustainability certifications

FORLIANCE offers facilitation of carbon and FSC certification for regulated as well as voluntary carbon markets according to:

We also facilitate Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for sustainable forest management and chain of custody, Fair Trade, organic certification schemes and certification under the Rainforest Alliance Certification Program for cocoa, tea, coffee and more.

We support our customers regarding certification strategies, for instance for forest carbon projects, starting with the selection of appropriate standards. To do so, we first perform eligibility and additionality analyses, followed by considerations taking into account legal, technical, social and environmental aspects. After reviewing these feasibility results, FORLIANCE determines together with the client with which standard(s) to proceed. Following this, a project design document (PDD) is drafted and then submitted to a third-party validator (i.e. an auditing company).

After desk review and a site visit to the project, findings by the auditing company are submitted for corrections. When these are done, the final report by the auditing company is handed in to achieve certification. Finally, the certification is officially registered and serialized on the respective standard´s registry.

Of course, we also carry out or support monitoring and reporting activities for performance certification. This way, we accompany the entire process – with regards to paperwork as well as directly in the field.

It is also possible to perform dual certification, for instance combining carbon offset standards with certifications testifying sustainable agroforestry. Moreover, FORLIANCE offers group certification, i.e. the joint certification of several interested parties via one process.


Harmonizing different certifications to reduce costs

Show your impact through certifications!

By obtaining certifications, you demonstrate to your customers, partners, shareholders/investors, and the general public that you care about sustainable business, act accordingly and take the relevant actions: Bearing an FSC label, for instance, shows your commitment to a socially and ecologically sustainable supply chain, from the management of forests to the final wood or paper product.

In that sense, a certificate can become a promotional tool. In any case, it will increase your reputation in the industry as well as your visibility.

Certification processes may also improve your internal workflows and practices: explicitly fact-based checks constitute helpful hints for optimization. Therefore, “organizational blindness” can be avoided.

FORLIANCE is the one-stop solution for your carbon certification needs

FORLIANCE offers you one-stop solutions during your journey towards successful certification. This means: Close cooperation from the initial phase of selecting a certification scheme all the way to final certification and registration. Certification often seems cost intensive, complex and a huge administrative effort. FORLIANCE supports you in harmonizing different certifications to reduce costs. Together with all project members we elaborate the most suitable and efficient solution. Through our GIS and remote sensing services, we reduce the need of on-site monitoring and facilitate documentation through our digital tools.

We are your experienced partner for stand-alone, dual and group certification projects:

Dual certification – combining for instance Gold Standard or VCS with Rainforest Alliance certification – presents a cost-effective approach and reduces overall time expenditure.

Similarly, group certification offers a sensible way of achieving cost-efficiency through the inclusion of more than one interested party, which lowers the price of the certification per customer. Moreover, such group certification also facilitates the streamlining process as a whole.

By choosing FORLIANCE, you select a trustworthy and responsive partner for your journey towards sustainability certification.

Veronika Wendt Forliance Staff

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Veronika Wendt
Senior Manager Nature-Based Solutions


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