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Bringing high-quality climate protection initiatives to Germany

Foundation of Joint Venture Re-Spire GmbH

Over the past 20 years, FORLIANCE has assisted over 1,500 companies to navigate and operate in the international carbon market, developed reforestation projects certified according to the Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard, and has been a trusted partner to advise and accompany corporate clients to achieve their climate strategy ambitions.

Due to the increasing demand from companies for regional climate action opportunities on one hand and large-scale forest dieback in Germany on the other hand, FORLIANCE has decided to use its experience and know-how in the international carbon market to pioneer high-quality climate change mitigation projects in Germany. Therefore, FORLIANCE has partnered with Salm-Salm & Partner GmbH, long-standing expert in sustainable and risk-conscious forest management in Germany, to establish the Joint Venture Re-Spire.

Forest, aerial view, green
Forest owners will be supported in the generational task of forest restoration to create near-natural mixed deciduous forests across Germany.

Enabeling German companies to engage in climate protection at their doorstep

Re-Spire addresses all forest owners who have lost hundreds to thousands of hectares of forest in recent years caused by storms, drought, or bark beetle infestation and who are now facing the financial challenge to reforest these areas in a timely manner, protecting and maintaining them for decades to come. Through mobilizing private-sector funding, the financing gap will be closed, and forest owners will be supported in the generational task of forest restoration to create near-natural mixed deciduous forests across Germany.

This way, Re-Spire wants to enable companies in Germany to practice climate protection at their doorstep without sacrificing the qualities of international carbon market standards. The geographical proximity of these forest carbon sinks makes them tangible for company’s employees and customers increasing the transparency of their environmental engagement. A particularly innovative feature is the third-party certification according to international standards, which are applied to those type of reforestation efforts in Europe for the first time.

Squirrel, Tree, Forest
FORLIANCE created together with Salm-Salm & Partner the Joint Venture Re-Spire GmbH to make German forests greener.

The first Re-Spire project in Westerwald

The first project Re-Spire Westerwald has been developed to proof the concept in two municipal forests in Rhineland-Palatinate. It was designed and set up in close collaboration with responsible foresters, state authorities and members of the municipal councils over the period of one year. In March 2021, the Re-Spire Westerwald got certified according to an international carbon standard by an independent third party.

Re-Spire is currently working to develop another larger-scale climate mitigation and domestic carbon sink project in the Harz region of Germany.

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