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Re-Spire Westerwald (non-offset)

About this project

The project area is located in the Palatinate part of the Westerwald and has been massively damaged by storms, droughts and bark beetles since 2018. Through the establishment and long-term maintenance of climate tolerant tree species and an adapted wildlife management, it is being ensured that a climate-resilient mixed forest develops on these areas, storing carbon in the long run, providing high-quality habitat and recreational space, and promoting biodiversity.

The sustainable management of the forest through selective timber harvesting creates jobs on a local scale and provides long-term income for the forest-owning communities. The management of the project areas is certified according to the FSC standard.
The Re-Spire Westerwald project is the first forest carbon project in Germany that has been developed according to the recognized principles and criteria and using the proven instruments from the voluntary carbon market, thus offering the same quality and robustness as comparable offset projects from abroad.

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General Project Information

Squirrel, Tree, Forest

Our Work on Site

Our Contributions

Emission Reduction

Nearly 30,000 tonnes of emission reduction

Tree species mix

18 tree species planted on 94.85 hectares

With this project,


Project Developers

Re-Spire GmbH

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