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What drone pictures may say about forests health

Drone pictures may help determine many important factors when it comes to analyzing a territory. Yet little is known about the uses of drones in the early detection of diseases. Our geo-digital solutions expert, Antonio Calle who is a qualified drone pilot has experience in this topic.

Applying drones for early disease detection in agroforestry

Working with smallholder cacao producers in Ecuador, we were able to raise awareness about possible diseases. With help of drones that deliver high quality infrared and optical images we detected changes in vegetation quality, plant density and the level of chlorophyll in the tree leaves. Antonio analyzed the images in dry as well as in wet season and compared the changes.

Healthy plants absorb bigger amounts of light. In contrast to these, sick bushes reflect the light. In addition to the amount of reflected light other factors were also taken into account such as the shading of the green.

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