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Feasibility study: From afforestation to timber based products, Egypt

About this project

In cooperation with our client, a comprehensive feasibility study was conducted for the commercial investment into the establishment of a sustainable supply chain for timber based products. The study covers all steps from afforestation of arid areas with irrigation through pre-treated sewagewater to the production of timber based products. The study is co-financed by DEG and facilitates the development and implementation of the respective investment project. The study includes a country analysis, due diligence aspects regarding afforestation, raw material supply and fiber board production, tax and legal issues, evaluation of economic efficiency, risk analysis and preparation of investment schedule.

Project Type

Feasibility study for the development of an integrated value chain from afforestation to timber based products, Egypt

General Project Information

Our key services

Due Diligence, legal framework, land options

Analysis of financial requirements and evaluation of economic viability of afforestation

Risk analysis (including economic, infrastructure, project, finance as well as market risks)

New plantation, Egypt

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International fiber board production company

Project co-funding by DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

German Rodriguez Forliance Staff

German Rodriguez
Senior Director Nature-Based Solutions