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Group certification of Reforestation project, Colombia

About this project

The project is located in the Vichada Department and the Orinoco river basin, combining reforestation for timber production with biodiversity protection. In addition to reforesting the savannah, the project conserves remaining patches of native vegetation and creates additional conservation areas along riverbanks and other watersheds.

Starting in 2012, FORLIANCE has been working in close cooperation with the involved companies in Vichada, organizing them to jointly achieve FSC and Gold Standard group certification to streamline processes and reduce efforts and costs. FORLIANCE supervised and managed the successful certification process for a total area of more than 70,000 hectares and is the certificate holder for this group certification under FSC. It is the first Gold Standard certified group project on afforestation and reforestation worldwide.

The summary of the management plans (in the Spanish language) is available here:

Project Type

Advisory and supervision of Group certification project for Gold Standard Certification for the Vichada Climate Reforestation Project, Colombia

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Our key services

Management of Gold Standard certification process, including PDD development

Integration and development of forest management and land use plan, conservation concepts, inventory database, GIS mapping, etc.

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