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Inclusion of cocoa post-harvest processes, Peru

About this project

FORLIANCE Consulting has been providing advisory to a client during the design and establishment of cocoa plantations in Peru. Furthermore, the advisory extends to the supervision of sustainably managed cocoa agroforestry systems to obtain fine cocoa varieties.

The composition of plant system, including the selection of appropriate cocoa varieties and management plans are adjusted to local conditions. Post-harvesting and storage technology were also implemented. Additional benefits of these cocoa projects are biodiversity, soil and climate protection, with special emphasis on stabilizing the microclimate in the effected region.

Project Type

Design, implementation and management of sustainable cocoa plantation

General Project Information

Our key services

Site adjusted cocoa cultivation and management

Supervision of farm installations (e.g. nursery), management and monitoring

Installation of adjusted harvest and postharvest technologies to produce stable, high crop quality cocoa

Men processing cocoa

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German Rodriguez Forliance Staff

German Rodriguez
Senior Director Nature-Based Solutions