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Land use mapping by drone, Panama

About this project

Data collection and analysis was provided for an area of 500 hectares in Panama. Images taken helped to create a mosaic landscape picture with a resolution of 5cm/pixel allowing for the differentiation between productive and unproductive areas and different land uses. By ground control points a precise orthorectification of the created landscape mosaic picture is facilitated. Mapping by drone provides for a precision usually better than common satellite image analysis. It also shows that mapping only with regular topography tools (handheld GPS) can lead to over- or underestimation of productive areas.

Project Type

Land use mapping based on drone data acquisition and analysis

General Project Information

Our key services

Acquisition of aerial drone images and data

Land use digitalization, area calculation and mapping based on high resolution mosaic (5cm/pixel)

View of buildings, drone view, Panama

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German Rodriguez Forliance Staff

German Rodriguez
Senior Director Nature-Based Solutions