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Large scale mechanized cocoa plantation, Dominican Republic

About this project

Based on a feasibility study done in 2015, the team of FORLIANCE is setting-up a large scale cocoa project of 800 hectares in the Dominican Republic for a client.

The choice of land, infrastructure, installation, maintenance and post-harvest procedures are designed and developed to allow a high degree of mechanization in accordance with modern standards in mechanized cocoa farms and fruit orchards. Following the design of plantation, cultivation and mechanization design, technical procurements and labor recruitment will be conducted and processes for certification and commercialization established. Besides plantation management issues, the legal framework is covered as well.

Project Type

Design and implementation of a large-scale cocoa project with mechanized cultivation

General Project Information

Our key services

Due Diligence, land assessment, legal framework

Design and establishment of mechanized cocoa cultivation and management

Installation of projects sites, farm maintenance and commercialization processes

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German Rodriguez Forliance Staff

German Rodriguez
Senior Director Nature-Based Solutions