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Reforestation of degraded land, Bolivia

About this project

ArBolivia is an initiative of smallholder farmers in Bolivia, reforesting degraded areas of their pasture and farm land with a mix of native tree species since 2007. This upgrade of degraded land enables a sustainable ecological forest management.

This unique project generates several benefits for the local population, biodiversity and global climate. Farmers receive technical advice on site preparation, selection of suitable tree species, planting of trees, and trainings in sustainable management of their newly created forests. Local farmers actively participate in the project and benefit from its revenues. ArBolivia assists them in selling timber jointly produced by establishing community cooperatives.

Project Type

Feasibility assessment and evaluation of the ArBolivia forest restauration project, including PDD development for certification of the ArBolivia project, COCHABAMBA Project Ltd.

General Project Information

Our key services

Feasibility assessment including forest, environmental and carbon inventory, carbon baseline calculations and stakeholder Analysis

Development of a sustainable monitoring plan

Project design document (PDD) for Gold Standard certification

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ArBolivia smallholder farmer initiative

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German Rodriguez
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