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Healthy forests as carbon sinks are as important in the tropics as they are at home, in Germany. The reforestation of areas that have been deforested decades ago holds immense potential to capture CO2, rehabilitate the local water cycle and boost biodiversity and the livelihoods of many people.

The combination of a climate protection project in Germany with an internationally acknowledged reforestation project benefitting rural development in Peru gives you the opportunity to restore degraded ecosystems on both sides of the equator while supporting people in a developing country who have to cope with the consequences of climate change today.

Re-Spire Westerwald, Germany
During this project an area of 95 hectares is to be reforested with climate resilient tree species. The formerly forested areas have been damaged and destroyed during storms, droughts or bark beetle infestations within the last decade – partly due to outdated forestry concepts that resulted in climate sensitive forests. With the first German reforestation project designed according to international carbon standards, the local forest ecosystem will be strengthened to withstand and help mitigate climate change and its impacts.

For more information about this project please visit this page. re-spire.org.

Brazil Nut Rainforest REDD+ Project, Peru
The Brazil Nut Rainforest REDD+ Project is located in the Madre de Dios region of south-eastern Peru. The project aims to reduce deforestation and forest degradation, prompting sustainable forest management and biodivesity conservation. Through healthier and more productive forests, the project ensures the economic development of 405 Brazil nut concessionaire families.

Offsetting is achieved only through carbon credits from the ICROA-endorsed carbon standard.

Project Type

Reforestation, REDD+

General Project Information

Brazil Nut Rainforest REDD+ Project

Our Work on Site

Our Contributions

Land Restoration

310,042 hectares in Peru and 95 hectares of recently destroyed forest land are restored in Germany.

Less Emissions

Emission reduction of more than 64,698,254.7 t CO2-equivalents over project lifetime.

Social Responsibility

Working closely with local communities

With this project,


Project Developers

Bosques Amazónicos SAC

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