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XiCO2e: Mexican Reforestation Project

About this project

The XiCO2e: Mexican Reforestation Project located in south-eastern Mexico aims to strengthen rural communities by providing sustainable long-term employment and improved living conditions. Long-term intensive agricultural farming (i.e. sugarcane, rice, citrus, cocoa) and livestock production have negatively impacted soil health. Thus, the introduced reforestation activities will help to improve poor quality conditions in the abandoned area and increase the natural biodiversity of the region. In addition, the project has a positive effect on the ecological resilience of the soil, thereby reducing erosion and preventing excessive water runoff.

By replanting the degraded area with Gmelina Arborea trees the project ensures the preservation of the local ecosystem and the restoration of soil nutrient cycling. The project provides capacity building and financial support for local communities to advance forest protection and management, increasing productivity and boosting economic development in the entire region.

Project Type

Afforestation/ Reforestation

General Project Information

Truck in tree plantation

Our Work on Site

Our Contributions

Growing local economy

Strengthening the managerial, planning and organizational capacity of local communities through regular training

Preservation of forest natural habitats

Creation of protection for streams and watercourses

Reducing vulnerability

Enhancing the resilience of degraded land

With this project,


Project Developers

Ala Bool Trust SA de CV

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