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Wide range of customer support

Planning, implementation, optimization

FORLIANCE provides a wide range of technical assistance and support for the planning, implementation and optimization of your land-use project. Specifically, we support our customers regarding project finance, certification strategies, business and management plans as well as monitoring efforts.


One major part of the planning phase is site selection. FORLIANCE gathers, amongst others, information on legal and ownership structures, on site conditions (soil characteristics, topography, climate conditions, etc.), on the availability of workforce, and on logistics.

Depending on your specific project, other planning measures may include the development of implementation roadmaps, mapping and geodata management, and preparation for certification (such as FSC, VCS, Gold Standard etc.).
This technical support may also complement our risk assessment and project finance services for public agencies/organizations or investors.

Biochar technology

A further service FORLIANCE offers concerns the Biochar technology. In short, this approach means avoiding emissions from agricultural and forestry biomass waste, and producing high-quality biochar from sustainable feedstock.

The biomass is pyrolyzed into biochar and can be applied as soil additive or used in construction materials such as the cement and asphalt industries. This way, 65 to 89 percent of the original carbon remains as carbon sink even after 100 years.

Biochar offers a wide range of application potential with additional carbon benefits, such as fertilization, nutrient loss reduction, soil fertility improvement, replacement of building materials or reduction of enteric fermentation of livestock as a feed additive. We identify optimal Biochar feedstock sources for your project, run economic and technical analyses regarding production systems, and review carbon assets to be able to integrate biochar into your potential net-zero strategy.

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After the planning phase is complete, we go into action: We support the implementation of management plans (nursery management, monitoring, planting, maintenance and harvesting) under the set goals in terms of productivity and sustainability and offer capacity building events as well as training materials (safety training, management under FSC and carbon standards) to our clients.

In this step (as well as the following regarding optimization), we also perform certification support and corresponding actions – if desired and needed.


The initial implementation can in the longer run be supported with on-site and/or digital supervision and regular monitoring. In this way, we ensure both optimization of your processes as well as continued adherence to legal and/or certification requirements.

Last but not least, we help you to design your harvesting, post-harvesting and marketing strategies for timber and non-timber products.

Optimize your project

Let us help you to plan, implement, and optimize your project!

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Established best practices

Benefitting from expert project designs

When it comes to realizing nature-based projects, it is imperative to rely on established best practices, knowledge as well as scientific evidence. Management and business plans should accordingly be drafted in cooperation with experts.

FORLIANCE’s services bring you this expert knowledge as well as a comprehensive plan on how to achieve the best results.

Besides the one-off benefit of reaching optimal project implementation, there are long-term advantages: Our services include capacity building for your project team on site as well as trainings, for instance safety trainings or management under different certification schemes.

Moreover, the evaluation and troubleshooting of already existing field practices may lead to increased efficiency, productivity and quality within your project.

FORLIANCE’s extensive project design services

We at FORLIANCE care about your nature-based project and aim for optimal results. We stand for professional, efficient work as well as for clear commitments to both our customers’ needs and the current state of play in environmental and climate protection. Our dedicated team of experts and our worldwide network of experienced professionals enable us to provide you with climate-smart and site adapted project development support.

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