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Auditing the XiCO2e Project in Southeastern Mexico 

In a significant stride towards sustainable forest management and climate change mitigation, our Improved Forest Management Manager, Luis Ruiz, and our Senior Project Origination & Development Coordinator Maria Jesus Toledo Pla recently led the highly anticipated auditing of the XiCO2e Project in Southeastern Mexico. This site visit, conducted in partnership with our local collaborator Ala boOl, holds immense importance as it offers an external assessment of the project’s social and technical viability, aligned with the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Climate Community and Biodiversity Standards (CCB) guidelines. 

Auditing the Project site. Our partner, a man, in the forest.

Empowering Communities and Mitigating Climate Change 

The XiCO2e Project serves as a powerful testament to the transformative potential of community involvement. Witnessing the profound impact of sustainable forest management on local communities was both inspiring and encouraging. The project’s emphasis on climate change mitigation deeply resonates with these communities as they embrace their role as stewards of biodiversity and guardians of cultural heritage, some inherited from the ancient Maya civilization. 

Our IFM Manager Luis Ruiz sits in a group of local Ejidos and our partner, discussing the certification

Mastering Carbon Plot Monitoring 

During the site visit, one striking highlight was the dedication and expertise displayed by the Ejidatarios,  who own this FSC-certified forest and are responsible for ist care. Their unwavering commitment to mastering the monitoring procedures for their project’s carbon plots is truly commendable. Through their efforts, they actively contribute to climate change mitigation, strengthening the foundation of improved forest management. 

Going to assess a permanent sample plot with Ala Bool team, Our team in the forest

A Cornerstone Stage in this Nature-Based Project 

Luis Ruiz emphasizes that the auditing process stands as a cornerstone stage within the XiCO2e Project. As an external validation of the meticulous work and planning carried out in collaboration with the Ejidatarios of which most are Mayan communities, the audit reaffirms the commitment to achieving Improved Forest Management. The success of the project extends beyond carbon removal, positively impacting biodiversity preservation, cultural heritage, and the socio-economic well-being of the communities involved. 

Looking Ahead 

While the audit marks a significant milestone, Luis Ruiz acknowledges that there is still much work to be done. The enduring dedication of the communities to Improved Forest Management, and their continued involvement will be pivotal in ensuring the project’s sustained success and long-term impact. 

Nature-Based Solutions – a Collective Commitment 

The auditing of the XiCO2e Project in Southeastern Mexico symbolizes the collective commitment to nature-based solutions in the battle against climate change. The project embodies how sustainable forest management can foster environmental preservation and social progress. As we continue this transformative journey together with the local communities and our partners, we are honored to play our part in creating a better, more sustainable future for all. 

Become a part of this impactful nature-based project. Let us get in touch and find out how nature-based solutions like this can be integrated into your corporate climate strategy.  

By Julia Chodkowska, FORLIANCE 

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