Our passion is to make businesses and the world a greener place. To make this happen, we come together from all over the globe with a range of different backgrounds, skills and perspectives to join our forces. We are profiting from an interdisciplinary professional background in different sectors as well as countries. Our personal commitment to this mission further motivates our professional engagement and unites our team.

Each one of us is driven by the same ambitious purpose – To make a difference.

The FORLIANCE team is supported by a huge highly specialized expert network.

Landscape views, forest and trees

Leadership Team

Andreas Schnall Forliance Staff

Andreas Schnall

Managing Director
For 10 years Andreas is consulting, managing and supervising the development and implementation of forestry and agroforestry projects worldwide.
Dirk Walterspacher Forliance CEO

Dirk Walterspacher

Managing Director
Dirk has more than 15 years of experience in the field of forest and agroforest project development, implementation and management.
German Rodriguez Forliance Staff

German Rodriguez

Senior Director Nature-Based Solutions
German has more than 15 years of experience in project management, corporate strategy, clustering processes and financing of land use projects worldwide.
Julian Ekelhof Forliance Staff

Julian Ekelhof

Senior Director Climate Solutions
Julian has nearly 10 years of experience in corporate carbon strategies and sustainability solutions to support businesses in becoming carbon neutral and implement sustainable supply chains.

Climate Solutions

Alejandro Mohs

Manager Climate Strategy
Alejandro is an agronomic engineer and holds a M.Sc. in management of sustainable agricultural production. In his work, he focusses on corporate carbon management services, mainly carbon accounting.
Andrea Vera Forliance Staff

Andrea Vera

Director Natural Climate Solutions
Andrea is a forestry expert specialized in social development, land use planning and management of natural resources. She is responsible for the design and execution of carbon projects from the agriculture, forestry and land use sector worldwide.
Andre Raabe Forliance Staff

André Raabe

Partnership Development Manager
André takes care of our upcoming and existing partnerships. He is the first person of contact for our customers and supports them on the journey from enquiry to climate neutrality.
Arine de Bordes Forliance Staff

Arine van Walré de Bordes

Regional Manager the Netherlands
Arine represents FORLIANCE in the Netherlands. She brings our expertise in nature-based project development to the Netherlands and supports companies in moving towards climate neutrality.
Astrid Manciu Forliance Staff

Astrid Manciu

Executive Operations Manager
Astrid holds a Master in Sustainable Resource Management and is responsible for our After-Sales Services and Customer Management.
Celine Girard Forliance Staff

Céline Girard

Project Finance Manager Climate Solutions
Céline has 5 years of experience in impact investing and consulting. She is in charge of the relationship with investors that are interested in supporting our nature-based carbon projects.
Julia Haack Forliance Staff

Julia Haack

Manager Climate Strategy
Julia has a Master degree in Sustainability Management and is responsible for our Carbon Management Services. She advises organizations regarding the calculation of footprints and the development of climate strategies.
Kars Meijboom Forliance Staff

Kars Meijboom

Manager Climate Strategy
Kars holds a Master in Forest and Nature Conservation and is responsible for our carbon management services, including carbon footprinting and the development of climate protection strategies.
Lina Avila Forliance Staff

Lina Ávila

Manager Natural Climate Solutions
Lina is an Environmental Engineer and expert in Sustainable Resources Management. She is responsible for the development of nature-based climate protection projects.

Luis Ruiz

Manager Improved Forest Management
Develops carbon projects that enhance the increase of carbon stocks in managed forests through IFM (improved forest management) activities.

María Luisa Vásquez

Stakeholder Engagement & Environmental Manager
Analyzes conditions for carbon projects. Supports the development of project design documents, project implementation, monitoring plans and reports, and carbon certification cycles.
Michael Sahm Forliance Staff

Michael Sahm

Director Climate Strategy
With more than 10 years of experience Michael leads the market intelligence and business development at FORLIANCE and manages several corporate clients.
Nataly Cubillos Forliance Staff

Nataly Cubillos

Consultant Natural Climate Solutions
Nataly is responsible for the continuous conceptual development of biochar related activities and for supporting the international biochar project development.
Patrick Fortyr Forliance Staff

Patrick Fortyr

Senior Manager Climate Strategy
Patrick is responsible for our advisory services, including carbon footprinting and certifications, as well as customer service and technical research.
Karen Veridiano Forliance Staff

Rizza Karen Veridiano

Senior Manager Natural Climate Solutions
Karen holds a master’s degree in Environmental Science and is responsible for the development of methodologies and certification processes of carbon projects in the forestry and blue carbon sectors (e.g. mangrove).

Nature-based Solutions

Andreas B Forliance Staff

Andreas Bodoukain

Manager Agroforestry Strategy
Andreas is Agronomic Engineer with two years of experience in different plantations in LATAM. His tasks are the general operations and supplier management of Bayacao.
Antonio Calle Forliance Staff

Antonio Calle

Director Earth Observations
Antonio is a forestry engineer and expert in GIS and Remote sensing with more than 10 years of worldwide experience. He is responsible for the earth observation services and geo digital solutions.
Daniel Prieto - Teammember of FORLIANCE

Daniel Prieto

Consultant Earth Observations
Daniel is geographical and environmental engineer; he is an expert in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing. He has been involved in forest management and monitoring projects in Latin America, Europe and Africa.
Gabriela Arellano Forliance Staff

Gabriela Arellano

Consultant Nature-Based Solutions
Gabriela is an Economist with experience in environmental sciences, non-renewable natural resources, forest conservation, policies for adaptation and mitigation of climate change.
Huntley Brownell Forliance Staff

Huntley Brownell

Senior Consultant
Huntley provides project management expertise and technical advice for forest restoration and other nature-based solutions projects. He has worked in Africa, North America, Latin America, and Europe.
Jose Villegas Forliance Staff

José Villegas

Senior Consultant Nature-Based Solutions
José has more than 15 years of experience in Latin America in the management and development of environmental, climate change, food security, rural development, ecosystems and biodiversity conservation projects.
Konrad Hentze Team member of FORLIANCE

Konrad Hentze

Senior Manager Earth Observations
Konrad Hentze is an interdisciplinary Geographer with extensive methodological experience on land use management and mapping. His international record includes the work in East and Southern Africa, South East Asia and the Carribean.
Michael Ponce Forliance Staff

Michael Ponce

Consultant Nature-Based Solutions
Michael is an Environmental Engineer who consults on minimizing environmental degradation. He has a Master Degree on water catchment management.
Veronika Wendt Forliance Staff

Veronika Wendt

Senior Manager Nature Based Solutions
Veronika is a forest ecologist and policy advisor with extensive project management expertise in FLR and other nature-based solutions projects. She has worked in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe.
Yann Gaitan Forliance Staff

Yann Gaitán

Manager Agroforestry
Yann is Agronomic Engineer with 5 years of experience in operations around Africa and Latin America. He manages general operations and is responsible for the supplier management of Bayacao.
Zijing Wu Forliance Staff

Wu Zijing

Consultant Earth Observations
Zijing is supporting our Earth Observations Team. She is keenly interested in applying her GIS and RS expertise to climate change mitigation through nature-based forest projects.

International Central Operations

Daniel Paez Martin Forliance Staff

Daniel Paez Martín

Senior Manager Finance
Daniel is responsible for corporate finance management, including financial planning, financial risk, accounting and financial control.
Johanna Zeller Forliance Staff

Johanna Zeller

Executive Operations Manager
Johanna is responsible for business development and innovation. Among her core responsibilities are the development and execution of due diligence, business plans, project management, controlling and evaluation.
Maria Gonzalez Forliance Staff

Marie González

Marketing and Communications Manager
Marie is in charge of FORLIANCE's digital strategy. She develops campaigns to make our services visible and easy to find through methods such as SEO and SEA.
Tam Tran Forliance Staff

Tam Tran

Manager Finance & Controlling
Tam is responsible for financial assessment, market research and project controlling.
Uschi Dellian Forliance Staff

Uschi Dellian

Manager HR & Office
Uschi provides core services to the team including communications, database and project management. She has extensive experience in planning and executing diverse business-critical programmes worldwide.