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New year, new look, continued commitment for climate action

We are excited to operate under our new company name FORLIANCE! Empowered by the changes around us and our growing team we decided to unify our brands and bring closer together what belongs together anyway: The services of CO2OL and ForestFinest Consulting. With our combined forces, we are delighted to be an even better partner to accompany you on your journey towards more climate impact.

Our new brand logo

We believe in the power of alliances. FORLIANCE, together with its international clients, global partners, and multidisciplinary team of specialists strives to create intact forests and ecosystems that positively impact our climate, biodiversity and human well-being.

We initiate, finance, create and manage robust nature-based climate projects and integrate them into sustainability strategies with our clients to achieve their Net Zero Carbon targets.

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Please do not hesitate to get in contact in case any questions or doubts in relation to the rebranding arise.

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