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Releasing our cutting-edge Monitoring & Communication Platform 

We are constantly working on creating intact forests and ecosystems that positively impact our climate, biodiversity and human well-being. On our mission to make a decisive impact on climate and global well-being by connecting meaningful nature-based climate projects with inspiring businesses and impact investors, we are evolving and improving. After more than 20 years of experience of working with clients and as project developers ourselves, we recognize the industry’s challenges, and we strive to provide straight-forward solutions. The FORLIANCE Monitoring and Communication Platform originates from identifying the needs of our clients and focuses on providing a comprehensive solution by leveraging the most cutting-edge technology in remote sensing and AI.   

We look to strengthen the connection between carbon project owners and climate conscious corporates by removing the barriers for transparent data transfer along the supply chain. By tracking and monitoring carbon project performance we strive to put accurate and real time data in the hands of project developers while stimulating improvement in project management. Through the communication interface we seek to provide corporates with digested and analysed project performance data to enhance their corporate climate sustainability reporting. The comprehensive dual interface of the Monitoring and Communication Platform fosters project credibility and transparency to ensure the highest quality of climate projects and climate action efforts.  

The monitoring tool delivers accurate and real-time data that users without GIS or remote sensing skills can easily analyse.

What are the problems that the Monitoring and Communication Platform helps to solve? 

The FORLIANCE Monitoring & Communication Platform is a comprehensive tool that targets both project developer needs as well as corporate client needs.  

When project data is gathered manually on site, there tends to be a lack of overview, accuracy and thus transparency. To reach the most efficient and effective management, accurate data is a decisive factor. In addition to our GIS (link) and Remote Sensing Services (link), we now developed a Dashboard to support our clients with a cutting-edge technological solution. 

On the one hand, it provides project owners with the information for project controlling and decision making through a simplified user experience that brings together a multitude of geospatial data accessible through remote sensing technologies. The monitoring tool delivers accurate and real-time data that users without GIS or remote sensing experience can easily analyse. In addition, different kinds of data sources can be collected and analysed in a single workspace. The product modularity also allows project owners to adapt the tool to match their project needs. 

On the other hand, it addresses a common issue encountered by investors and corporates, who find it difficult and risky to invest or put their trust in projects that are remote. Pairing this with the complexity of the voluntary carbon market, creates a lot of room for scepticism and mistrust in carbon credits. The communication dashboard increases the transparency and credibility of the project status by providing carbon credit buyers with frequent and up to date data of the project performance. The dashboard can be used to communicate transparently their corporate and product footprints, clearly transmit their climate actions and targets, and can support corporate sustainability reporting.  

Overview of Benefits of the Monitoring & Communication Platform  

Benefits to project developers:  

  • Recovery of real time & precision data: Geospatial data can be recovered remotely and in real time. Accuracy of data collection supports management to react swiftly to current changes and patterns happening within the project for improved results.  
  • Analysis of remote areas and ease of project scalability: Continue to grow without losing the close contact to your project by maintaining access to on the ground information. Realtime visualization and data analysis promotes right decision making, project controlling, scalability, reduced costs and time investments.  
  • Improve credibility of project activities: Inform investors of project performance through tracking and monitoring your project KPI´s. Transparent transfer of data promotes credibility of your project and therefore improves quality of your credits.    
  • Reduce project costs: Save time and money through increased efficiency and improve carbon sales through clear and timely communication.  
  • Swift communication of your project achievements: Leverage the platforms cutting edge technology to easily communicate project achievements through interactive maps, pictures, and graphs. Collected data can be easily digested for easy and quick communication purposes.
  • Certification Assistance:  

Benefits to Corporates & impact investors:  

  • Match corporate needs by building strong partnerships: Through FORLIANCE Monitoring & Communication Platform get a clear understanding of carbon projects by having a direct connection to the project outcomes and activities. We match your corporate climate strategies with projects made for you..  
  • Direct communication with project outcomes: Visualize and understand the project progress to assess your investment risk and progress.  
  • Communicate corporate climate action: Transparent communication on offsetting strategies, increases corporates integrity, supports ESG reporting and protects corporate reputation. 
  • Ensure high quality of carbon credits: Clear communication of project activities improves credibility of carbon credits and therefore carbon credit quality.  
  • Reduce risk of investment in unreliable carbon credits: Information is key, knowing the project and continuously seeing project progress updates provides investors the information to take preventative measures for safe investment. 
Efficiency matters: Our new Platform provides a great overview of projects.

Monitoring & Communication Platform in a nutshell 

  • Monitor: Monitor and visualize project performance with quick to retrieve real-time data (satellite images, Drone images, climate data, and machine learning) and compliment project management using easy to use data analysis tools. Visualization of data through graphs, maps and charts supports and improve project progress reporting.    
  • Communicate​: Transparent transfer of information from project to client through visualization of data collected through satellite images increasing project credibility. Get an overview of the KPI´s of a project and directly communicate your climate action. ​ 

Let us make things clearer  

Honest and fact-based communication leads to transparency. Growing transparency means growing trust: This will positively influence your image with stakeholders, authorities, and media.  

We are here to support you in creating an overview of all relevant aspects of project design, management and impacts (climate, biodiversity, social impacts).  

Get directly in touch with us to learn more about how our Monitoring & Communication Platform can be helpful to you.

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