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Visiting the XiCO2e Durango Forest Project

Connecting with our partners and the communities in the biggest, CAR certified IFM project in Mexico

By Alona Mikhova (Project Portfolio Specialist and Commercialization at FORLIANCE)

We recently conducted a field visit to our XiCO2e Durango Forest Project and immersed in a world of sustainability, collaboration, and transformative impact. Representing FORLIANCE, our team of seven each with diverse backgrounds and extensive expertise connected with the people and the real climate action happening on-site.

One of our primary objectives was to analyze the project’s multifaceted impact on local communities and biodiversity conservation efforts. By leveraging our expertise, we aimed to identify areas for improvement and contribute to its ongoing success in sustainable forest management.

FORLIANCE team on project site with ejidatarios and project partner Ala boOl

Lessons in perspective

Our journey led us deep into the project area, where we observed a significant distinction between zones undergoing natural regeneration and those benefiting from advanced forest management practices. The transformation was evident: previously fragile trees now thrived within resilient ecosystems, effectively withstanding the impacts of climate change. This tangible evidence reaffirms our commitment to advocating for sustainable land management and advancing climate action initiatives.

Aerial view of the Pueblo Nuevo ejido, part of the XiCO2e Durango forest project

Local community engagement

A key aspect of our visit was engaging with the ejidatarios—the representatives of these lands and the heart of their communities. Through focused discussions, we confirmed the project’s positive impact and the community’s aspirations for a sustainable and prosperous future. The formal hall assembly provided us with comprehensive insights into the project’s anticipated outcomes, highlighting the human dimension of our work and reinforcing our team’s sense of purpose and commitment.

Empowering communities and protecting ecosystems

Collaboration with our partner, Ala-BoOl, was a pivotal aspect of the project visit, confirming the alignment of our objectives to enhance benefits for both communities and biodiversity. Our on-site meetings further validated the shared goals and commitments that drive our partnership. The visits to the ejidos of Vencedores and Pueblo Nuevo, along with interactions with representatives from Vencedores, Las Pintas, Meravalles, and Pueblo Nuevo, allowed us to reaffirm the project’s critical significance to the local communities dependent on it for their livelihoods. Each meeting reinforced our commitment to fostering positive change and establishing a sustainable legacy. Discussions with community members highlighted their immediate needs for infrastructure and education and their long-term aspirations for prosperity and environmental stewardship. Through strategic collaboration and innovation, we continue to empower these communities, preserve critical ecosystems, and create a sustainable future for the coming generations.

Join us on this climate action journey

As you explore our story and delve into the impact of the Durango Forest Project, join us on this path toward a future where sustainability is a fundamental way of life. Help us nurture thriving communities, preserve precious ecosystems, and shape a more resilient world for future generations. Let’s connect.

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